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Some Stories of Our Former Clients

(the names and some circumstances have been changed to protect their privacy)

Liz, Nicole's mother-in-law, has always disapproved Nicole as her son's wife. Colin, Nicole's husband, tried everything to improve the relationship between the two most important women in his life. He tried to convince his mother that Nicole was a good wife. He tried to assure Nicole that his mother was a good person. He felt as if he was a battlefield on which two women waged a war... more

Ronald, a highly successful defense lawyer, lost hope that his son Jon, 17, would ever have a decent life. Jon appeared to be irresponsible, have no purpose in life and could not care less about the future. He would forget to prepare for an important exam, he would never do his homework if he did not feel like it, and his performance in school was poor. In Ronald's opinion, Jon... more

Kathy is a mother of two elementary school boys. Recently, she decided to homeschool them. Her husband was initially reluctant, but eventually got along, whereas Kathy's father Isaak was devastated and even threatened to report Kathy to the child protection agency for child neglect. He plainly refused... more

Emily, a mother of three, had a very close and loving relationship with her husband Jeff. However, having encountered some difficulties of legal nature caused by a mistake she accidentally made, she decided not to tell him because, as she said, she wanted to protect his feelings. The truth had eventually surfaced and ... more

Michael is an experienced mechanical engineer. Two years ago, he lost his job of 14 years. Since then he has been "between jobs" and almost lost hope that he would be employed again. A former co-worker referred him to me. We started with... more

Lucy was complaining that her five-year-old son, Dan, did not know what he wanted. He said he wanted to dance, and she immediately suggested checking out a nearby dance school, then he suddenly said he did not want to go to dancing school. When she asked him why... more

Victor, a recent immigrant and gifted software engineer, kept losing one job after another, despite his excellent command of the English language and considerable professional expertise. Our discussions have revealed that... more

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